Luxury Homes And 5 Elements That Make Them Unique

June 29, 2022

Luxury homes needn’t be giant mansions. In today’s era of real estate, luxury homes offer more than the physical space. Unique in construction, flamboyant in feel and truly luxurious in living experience, there are certain amenities that people look for in luxury apartments.

1. Merging the Inside With The Outside

Since the pandemic, one of the most popular trends is marrying the inside with the outside.  Adding several natural elements in the house or simply taking the inside outside are those distinctive features that luxury apartment owners are seeking. An outdoor sitting porch, open to the sky indoor green areas, pools indoors and even collapsible glass doors that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors are the exclusive elements in these homes.  Luxury apartments in Vasna offered by NK Anantaya have an eclectic blend of manmade and natural features that make living here truly a blessed experience.

2. Extravagant Bathrooms

Bathrooms in luxury apartments are not far behind in opulence. Made to spoil the homeowner, several of these apartment bathrooms now come with jacuzzi’s of their own. Besides these, they come with spa-like features such as giant soaking tubs, life size mirrors, the best of features and fixtures, showers that also double as steam rooms, etc.

3. Smart Technology

A truly luxurious apartment cannot be called one without the use of technology. These apartments are loaded with tech features that are latest and make life for the residents effortless.  Therefore, it is only rational that such apartments have the most modern and trending gadgets to go with the grandeur of the home.  These extend to but are not limited to motion sensors, thermostats, security that is internet enabled, gadgets and appliances that function on voice systems and more.

4. Responsive And High-End Security System

Any homeowner would seek out his and his family’s security. Therefore, high end security and quick responses in security systems are important to today’s luxury apartments. This intelligent system should be connected to a professional service provider who can intervene and act immediately. With the finest of architectural layouts, these are now expected to be incorporated into the design element of the home.

5. Gorgeous Interiors

A luxury home is just that – luxurious! Everything in the interiors should be uncompromised. From the living room to the bathroom, from the bedroom to the outdoors, from the kitchen to the dining room, each part of the interiors can be nothing short of gorgeous. 

If you are looking for a luxury home in the heart of Vasna, NK Anantaya offers a plethora of offerings for a life that is absolute.