A Luxury Home In A Gated Community In Vasna And What Makes It A Good Investment

June 24, 2022

For decades Vasna has been the hub of all commercial and residential activities in Ahmedabad. With families expanding, the older generation aspires to live close to their roots and the younger generations want a luxurious lifestyle with luxury homes big enough to work out of as well as socialize.

Families are looking for an opulent lifestyle while also leveraging on lesser commute time as well as kid friendly areas. This makes luxury homes in gated communities quite popular among the younger masses. Luxury homes with 3BHK and 4BHK apartments are preferred owing to the following comforts:-

    • It is a wonderful influx of old and new lifestyles.It offers the ease of modern lifestyle without having to move away from Vasna.
    • It offers all amenities within the residential area making it ideal for adults and kids.
    • NK Anantaya’s 3 BHK & 4 BHK luxury homes in Vasna also stand out for families because of its plethora of luxury developments within a gated community.
    • Moreover, gated communities usually offer high property value.

Owning a home in Vasna is a matter of prestige. With forever increasing prices, investing in a 3 BHK & 4 BHK luxury home in NK Anantaya is a solid financial decision. This gated community is top-of-the-line and has the potential for a good upsurge in value. Because of the ever-increasing price of land in Vasna, investing in properties located in mainstream areas such as this will give you great returns.

1. Optimum Living Potential

Built on a very prime plot of land, NK Anantaya houses several facilities within the gated community. Designed for a complete life, these 3 BHK & 4BHK luxury homes offer wonderful areas for kids to play around, to enjoy quality of life and build family-like relations with the neighbours. With the greatest possible living potential, NK Anantaya is home to open green areas, playgrounds, parks, gardens, jogging places, and open gymnasiums that will form your work-life balance. All these can be solid benefits of living in a gated community.

2. Everything In The Vicinity

With minimal distance to travel, almost everything can be sourced from around the residential area with minimum effort. With ample home delivery options around the residential project, the ease of life is high as well as efficient. Schools, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, entertainment zones and other public facilities are all housed very close by!

3. Safety And Security For Children

A gated community is ideal for families with children. With high end surveillance and guards, children can move around without much concern about safety and security. Also, since vehicle are monitored closely and no heavy traffic is there, the safety of children is maintained. This makes gated communities very popular among families with children.

4. Green Zones

Gated communities such as NK Anataya come with their own green zones. Gardens, sit-outs, walking tracks and play parks for kids ensure that there is a cool and comfortable environment for the residents to enjoy. Furthermore, since vehicular movement is restricted to the residents’ vehicles only, the pollution levels are lower and thus offer better opportunities for outdoor sitting and leisure activities.

Many such benefits are reaped by living within a gated community.

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