5 Advantages Of Buying A House In Its New Launch Phase

July 26, 2022

‘Pre-launch phase’ and ‘New-launch Phase’ are two commonly known words in the real estate market. Several home buyers prefer to buy their homes in the ‘new launch phase’ such as the upcoming NK Anantaya’s 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments in Vasna. Digging deeper, let’s understand the difference between the ‘pre-launch phase’ and the ‘new-launch phase.’

The ‘pre-launch phase’ is more of an announcement of the upcoming project by the builder to the market. In this stage the project approvals and processes are underway and might await clearances and approvals.

As opposed to this, the ‘new-launch phase’ is where all permissions by regulatory departments are confirmed.. Buying a property during its new-launch phase always puts the buyer, be it the end-user or an investor, at an advantage particularly with regards to price and options of units available. Buying a house in this stage is most beneficial and here are the top 5 Advantages Of Buying A House In Its New Launch Phase.

1. Price Advantage

Like they say, the early bird gets the worm. As an early bird, you can be assured of the best deals. Upcoming real estate projects usually appreciate in prices fast. The cost of a newly-launched apartment is different from a ‘ ready to move in’ one. Therefore, it proves to be advantageous to invest in a newly launched project in the earlier stages of the real estate project.

When looking for newly launched homes in Ahmedabad, NK Anantaya’s 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments in Vasna are abundant in facilities, spacious in construction and easily accessible in location.

2. Enjoy Benefits And Offers

A newly launched property comes with a lot of benefits and offers so as to close the sale. Builders make these offers to attract potential buyers and create a buzz about their project in the market. So while some builders may offer price discounts, others may offer free woodwork, furnishing, parking facilities, and more. While this may vary from builder to builder, there’s always such an advantage in buying a house in its ‘new launch stage.’

3. Choices At Your Disposal

Another advantage of buying a house in its ‘new launch stage’ is that there are several available units to choose from. Therefore you can get your choice of floor, direction and sizes in units. These options become lesser as the property gets known and units get sold out. Thus you’ll not only be paying a higher price for the property but you’ll also not get the property of your first choice.

4. Purchase And Customization Sits In A Budget

Since you will be booking at a good price, you will be saving some money on investment capital. This will enable you to channelize the same towards customizations and other personal changes that you might need for your apartment. The builder too, at this stage, be willing to oblige since you would be one of the first few investors.

5. Buying Before The Prices Escalate

Properties like NK Anantaya’s 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments are premium apartments and are a dream for any investor. Loaded with amenities and placed in the most premium location of Vasana in Ahmedabad, this apartment project’s value is promising. Such is the case with most premium properties in good locations. Therefore, when you book an apartment in the new-launch stages of building, it is the best bet you can get as an end-user or an investor.