6 Elements That Make A Home Truly Luxurious

July 28, 2022

Luxury homes are pushing the trend in real estate in almost all three tier cities.

Luxury homes in Ahmedabad are not only a dream for most people, but also a requirement for many. So what are the elements that make a home truly luxurious?

Is it the interiors, the facilities or the amenities? While all these features might be a constant in most luxury home projects, there are luxury apartments in Ahmedabad that are truly a class apart. The NK Anantaya luxury flats in Ahmedabad are designed with exclusive details and features for a promise of the truly grandiose experience.

1. Large Spacious Apartments

Based on a unique concept of mBHK, NK Anantaya apartments offer all bedrooms as master size bedrooms. This extremely luxurious concept offers plenty of bedroom space as well as attached bathrooms with each bedroom. This stand out feature is one of the features that sets it apart from other similar residential projects in the vicinity.

2. Top Notch Kitchens And Amenities

Luxury apartments offer kitchens that integrate function, style and luxury. Pushing it up a notch beyond are builders who offer gourmet kitchens with dazzling textures, timeless aesthetics and large spaces for cooking sojourns.

3. Outside Inside

A significant change that has come into luxury homes is blending the outside with the inside. Homeowners covet natural elements inside the homes. Therefore, elements that remind them of the outdoors are blended into the interiors for a feel of the outside. This offers ample opportunities for builders to go lavish. Green walls in balconies, makeshift fireplaces, waterfalls in the common areas, eco-friendly features, sit-outs and entertainment zones in green spaces or sunroofs; are some of the quintessential elements of luxury homes in Ahmedabad today.

4. Unique Architecture

NK Anantay’s luxury apartments in Vasna, Ahmedabad are a pure reflection of neoclassical architecture. With ample curves, arches, columns, balconies, gracefully planned nooks and corners, every area of this residential project mirrors influences of this era. Planned throughout in an orthogonal grid, the design offers easy accessibility and connectivity through spaces. With so much more in its planning and design, it truly is an architectural delight.

5. Smart Home Features

Today technology is omnipresent and has penetrated homes too. Features such as security system accessibility via apps, motion sensor lighting, timer-set lights, curtains that sense sunlight, smart homes with thermostats and cooling systems, etc make the houses luxurious in the true sense.

6. Lavish Property Amenities

The truly luxury homes aim to provide a resort like, charming life. Hence, many luxury apartments come with lavish amenities like the gym, theaters, heated indoor swimming pools, mini theaters, sitting plazas, walking tracks, kids play area and more.

NK Anantaya in Vasna, Ahmedabad is packed with all these luxurious features which allow the homeowners to enjoy a truly grand life.