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    NK Anantaya - The Vision

    Penned by the Experts at Studio Eethetics

    Accessible. Open. Connected.

    Planned throughout in an orthogonal grid, the design offers easy accessibility and connectivity through spaces. A large central community space with social & recreational amenities forms the heart of the housing complex. The many shared spaces have been designed to cater to the interests of all.

    Climate responsive

    The blocks are wrapped with a semi attached façade-skin with openings that thermally insulates the indoors and regulates the air-flow through the cavity. The tactful configuration of the spaces is such that no two units in a block share a common wall. Open on three sides, it assures of uninterrupted air flow & cross-ventilation in each room.


    The façade apron that beautifies the structural composition also thoughtfully hides away the services & HVAC outdoor units. The elevation, hence, is an interesting arrangement of arched openings and modern day representation of jharokhas that serves a dual purpose of infusing local flavour and enhancing the overall neighbourhood aesthetics.

    Socially sensitive

    The needs of privacy and individuality are taken care of at each house unit level. Detached spaces separated by Courtyards and connected through a living space revolves around the idea of living together and yet having space of one’s own. Furthermore, each room is a Master Bedroom with an attached toilet. Perfect for the Indian family, the homes have been designed in a way that will allow future expansion through multi-functionality in spaces.

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