Best Investment Option For NRIS In Ahmedabad

August 23, 2022
Best Property for Investment in Ahmedabad

Best Investment Option For NRIS IN Ahmedabad

The Indian government has always welcomed investment by NRIS in the country. There are several investment options for NRIS who want to diversify their investment portfolio. In 2022, these varied from mutual funds, to direct equity, to government security certificates, to mutual funds to real estate. Studies reveal that the best investment for NRIS in Ahmedabad remains real estate. Studies reveal that real estate investment is a crucial part of the NRI’s investment portfolio. Furthermore, Gujarat and especially Ahmedabad remains a prime real estate investment segment for NRIS living abroad.

The major reasons NRIS are investing in the real estate market in Ahmedabad is as follows:-

1. Booming Real Estate Market

Post pandemic, the pent-down demand for real estate has seen a surge. As the economy continues to flourish, property appreciation is evident. The NRIS are back to investing in real estate especially in 3bhk and 4bhk luxury homes in Ahmedabad. Besides this, some also invest as a fraction of a property such as commercial spaces, co-working spaces, land, warehouses, etc. Investment options like FDs and gold have rendered lesser return on investment as opposed to investment in real estate. Booming real estate in major cities of India has seen a return on investment up to 30 percent.

2. Reduced Return On Other Investment Options

In the past the investor community from abroad would often prefer to invest in tools such as FD, gold, equity, etc. However these investments have witnessed immense volatility and money remains at a constant risk of losses. Adding to the woes, interest rates by banks have been capped at a lower rate than before. This move has discouraged several expat investors. As opposed to this, investment in real estate in Ahmedabad and other key cities of India translates into good returns in the long run. This encouraging boom in two tier and three tier cities is an encouraging trend for NRI investment. Add to this the demand for 3bhk & 4bhk luxury homes in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta! As propellers of growth in a country, these investments promise a good return.

3. What are the types of properties that can be invested in?

In the recent few months, a huge number of NRIS are parking their money in 3bhk & 4bhk apartments. The Gujarati non-resident community is successfully parking their money in 3bhk & 4bhk luxury homes in Ahmedabad. They continue to purchase immovable properties such as commercial spaces or resident spaces since the government does not have a cap on the number of properties that an NRI can invest in.

4. Best investment options for NRIS in Ahmedabad?

The best emerging areas for real investment options for NRIS are in areas such as Sindhu Bhavan Road, South Bhopal, Science City Road, Chandkheda, Motera and luxury homes in Vasna. If you are looking for a sound residential property with ample of facilities, NK Anantaya’s 3bhk & 4bhk luxury apartments in the heart of Vasna cannot be missed. With a bustling, posh and well established neighbourhood, Vasna is in close proximity to most of Ahmedabad’s popular areas. True to its old neighbourhood charm, this residential project offers the most stylish architecture, luxurious amenities, king- sized apartments with all master bedrooms and so much more.

With great prospects for rental yield, these apartments are a great investment opportunities too. Unique in design aesthetic, offering an aspirational lifestyle within an envisioned thriving community, NK Aanataya’s 3bhk & 4bhk luxury apartments are possibly a great investment option for NRIS in Ahmedabad.