Why Investing In A Luxury Home In NK- Anantaya Is A Good Investment

May 17, 2022

Post Covid the millennial has expressed a greater desire to reside in 3bhk & 4bhk luxury homes. Combining this with ease of transport within the city is a coveted dream by many. This dream of many has been realized by NK- Anantaya.

Its newest luxury homes in Vasna, Ahmedabad, have the best of lifestyle facilities to offer. With close proximity to commercial areas, very opulent homes, grand infrastructure and an unlimited range of amenities, here’s a roundup of reasons why investing in a luxury apartment here is a good idea!

1. Homes That offer Each Bedroom As Master Bedroom

NK Anantaya offers an extremely unique and truly luxurious concept to its residents. Envisioned on the concept of 3 or 4 mBHK which stands for master bedroom, hall and kitchen, it offers each bedroom as a master bedroom with an attached toiled. This ensures that every member of the family can live big, live more!

2. Offering IKEA Furnished Apartments

The first in Ahmedabad to offer this unique concept, NK Anantaya offers its homeowners the opportunity to move into furnished homes. Now you can get in touch with the professionals at IKEA- the world’s best furnishing brands and work with them to set up your home before you actually move in!

3. More Than 40 Amenities

This residential luxury project boasts of more than 40 amenities right in the heart of Vasna. Designed keeping in mind all ages and preferences of homeowners as well as their families, the apartment project boasts of a temple, skating rink, kid’s play area, senior citizen sit out, cricket pitch, indoor games, theater, swimming pool and more! With all these facilities in the midst of the city, as a resident, you can find everything you need within the residential complex of your luxury home.

4. Exquisite Architecture And Aesthetics

The structure is planned in an orthogonal grid with the design offering easy accessibility and connectivity through the buildings. With meticulous planning in place, it has been ensured that no two units share a common wall. Its design also ensures ample ventilation and sun-light. As reputable builders in Ahmedabad, their real-estate projects are assuredly socially conscious, premium and elite.

5. Great Connectivity

Some of the finest schools, hospitals, clubs, sports academies, office complexes, restaurants and religious centers are in and around Vasna. That said, a luxury home in Vasna would mean less commute time with easy access to all significant places around NK-Anantaya.

6. Diverse Culture

Vasna is strategically located between the old city and new city. Situated in the Western Suburbs of Ahmedabad, luxury homes in Vasna are now in great demand because of its great blend of diverse cultures between Old Ahmedabad and New Ahmedabad thereby giving the people an opportunity to enjoy diverse cultures./span>

With graceful arches, columns and features inspired by the neoclassical era, NK Anantaya’s newest housing project in Vasna, makes it stand out among the rest. To know more about the upcoming project, connect with us today!