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Luxury apartmentsTop Reasons Why Amenities Are A Priority For Luxury Home Buyers

November 24, 2022
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The residential buying market has changed leaps and bounds. Today a homeowner is no longer looking for just a roof above his head. Post Covid and after spending so much time indoors, a home buyer’s perspective towards buying a home has transcended. Specially so is the scenario in the luxury apartment market.

Previously people only attributed space and size to a luxury apartment. However, today amenities are a priority for luxury home buyers. Today builders are going over and beyond to offer the best to their clients. Post Covid the real estate market is engulfed with a plethora of amenities in a housing project. Since the lock down, people have been associating home with spaces for recreation, play areas, sit out areas, entertainment zones, club houses, etc.

In Ahmedabad alone, the real estate market has boomed and builders are coming up with projects that are loaded with all the amenities that one can possibly envision. NK Anantaya is a unique residential project offering 3 MBHK & 4MBHK luxury apartments in Vasna, Ahmedabad. Its pride is not only in the spacious apartments which offer all bedrooms as master bedrooms, but also in amenities that are designed for a complete life.

So what is it that has brought about this change in homeowners minds? Here’s a quick list –

1. Change of perception towards what is called home?

One might argue that this is a new trend. However, those who could afford it, have always wanted homes that are not just living spaces. They’ve always looked for facilities that elevate the quality of living. It’s only now that even the common man has started to understand the necessity of having certain amenities in the place that he calls home. Owing to this, amenities are a priority not only for luxury home owners but also those who are seeking out smaller units to live in.

2. Migrating Population

Urbanization has seen people from smaller towns and villages moving to bigger cities. A lot of these people come from a middle class populace that is used to a certain standard and size of living in their hometown. When they come to a two or three tier city to work, they look for similar spaces in the city. Thus, the need for builders to expand on amenities is higher than ever before. With home loans easier than ever before, home buyers have the reserves needed to make a luxury home purchase.

3. Higher Stress Levels

We can easily conclude that today’s population is more stressed than ever before. Once a person is back from work, the distance and traffic doesn’t allow him to freely move around to socialize or entertain or for that matter, even go to the gym. Thus one looks for an option very close by. This is where the need for amenities is a priority! After a tiring and exhausting day, amenities such as a swimming pool, a tennis court, a walking track or a garden is a space where one can have some personal time or even get together with friends without having to plan moving out too far.

4. Sense Of Community

Families that have migrated for work or expats for that matter, all miss their people back home. The same can be said for nuclear families that live away from their homes. This is where amenities play an important role. There is lots of cross mingling. Common play areas, club house, banquets, community halls promote the celebration of festivals, get-togethers as well as fun and frolicing. This festers a sense of home and belonging to a community.

5. Identity

Luxury apartments in Ahmedabad and all across the country are a sign of high living. Homes with premium amenities create an upscale living environment and help people to create a better life for themselves. The ‘feel good factor’ in entertaining and inviting people also cannot be denied. Hosting people by the poolside or inviting them for a movie in the common theater are experiences that come with luxury apartments that are loaded with amenities.

To sum it up, all these amenities in a residential project are non-negotiables in today’s real estate market. The amenities available in NK Anantaya property speak volumes about the value of the project. At par with the global standards, it is the only one of its kind in Ahmedabad, Vasna.