The Real Estate Sector And What To Expect In 2023

November 24, 2022
3BHK Apartments in Ahmedabad

What’s in store for luxury apartments in 2023?

This question is on everyone’s mind!

According to predictions, luxury real estate is gaining steam and is expected to grow notably all through 2023!

The upcoming year promises to bridge the gap with the international markets as NRIs are showing a great interest in Indian high-end luxury apartments, luxury villas and bungalows.

Furthermore, the pandemic has impacted homebuyers positively into buying. There is a significant rise in demand for gated communities, villas, and luxury apartments with facilities. With the growing trend of ‘work from home’ and ‘school from home;’ buyers are on the lookout for larger spaces. NK Anantaya luxury apartments are ideal for those looking for luxury living in the most popular area of Ahmedabad. This luxury apartment scheme is a beautiful gated society with globally benchmarked amenities. Each home at NK Anantaya offers the mBHK lifestyle, which stands for master bedroom, hall and kitchen. Be it a 3 or 4 mBHK, every room will be a master bedroom with an attached toilet. This way, each apartment has space to cohesively integrate space for the new modes of working that have come up during the pandemic.

Circling back, here are a few reasons that the real estate market will pick up majorly in 2023!

  • Growth In Retirement Homes / Second Home Trends

Another result of the pandemic is the rising trend of people wanting to purchase Retirement Homes/ Second homes. These range from farmhouses to grand luxury homes within gated communities. These properties offer people a wonderful opportunity to bond with nature and fit the WFH culture with tranquillity. A lot of these properties are located close to micro-markets. Thus, in case of a further outbreak or unpleasant situation, these homes make for wonderful options for residing while also working.

  • NRIs Investment In The Market

For several years now, the Indian Expat Community has been a pivotal contributor to investments in India. Now, more than ever before, NRIs are moving forth as dominant players in global high-end real estate.  With luxury apartments all over India, NRIs are purchasing real estate like never before! They perceive luxury real estate as a great investment backed by the potential of smart rental income.

  • Real Estate As an Investment Option

Real estate has always been perceived as an end-user option. However, the trends are now shifting and it’s now popular as an investment option. With the rising need for ex-pats homes, corporate living options, Airbnb, etc. it is picking up pace as a recurring rental income with lock-in capital investment. Both large and small investors are leaning into this kind of investment especially when the financial market investments are so volatile. 

Thus, for investors investing for a longer lock-in period, real estate has a higher promise for growth and stability. 

If you are looking for homes that spell elegance, class and luxury in the most centric part of Vasna, Ahmedabad, get in touch with our team at NK Anantaya. With outstanding facilities and magnificent elevations, you would love to own a home in this beautiful place!