6 Last Minute Diwali Decor Ideas For Your Luxury Apartment

October 20, 2022

Diwali is a special time of the year not only in India but all over the world. Everyone loves entertaining, celebrating with friends and family. That said, it is not an easy task to decorate your home at the last minute, especially because it requires an investment of time and money. In this blog, we have rounded up a few budgeted decor ideas so that you spruce up your home at the last minute with some beautiful diwali decor!

Last Minute Diwali Decor Ideas For Your Luxury Apartment #1- Add flowers for colour and fragrance

Always a classic but never a cliche! The easiest way to elevate the interior of any room is to add bunches of gorgeous flowers! If you have a gorgeous luxury apartment, you can certainly use the ample space to artistically scatter flower arrangements around the spaces. Table tops, floor corners of the home or that spacious balcony of your apartment can be highlighted with several arrangements or strings of flower garlands! We highly recommend the traditional marigold garlands! This time of the year, they are not only auspicious, but bring a fine touch of aesthetics with a beautiful fragrance to your home’s interior decor.

Last Minute Diwali Decor Ideas For Your Luxury Apartment #2- Bring The Fairy Lights Out!

No Diwali is complete without fairy lights. These have gained much popularity of late. With plenty of options available in the local market as well as online, you can now add a series of lights to indoor or outdoor spaces of your luxurious apartment. For a gorgeous decor, casually hang them around the windows of your home, aesthetically arrange them in glass bell jars or add beautiful trails of these on table tops. WIth more space available to homeowners who live in luxury apartments, ample space is available to experiment with fairy lights. Not only do they bring a warm vibe to the space they are added to but also prove to be ‘not-so-expensive’ Diwali decor on a budget.

Last Minute Diwali Decor Ideas For Your Luxury Apartment #3- Add Candles

At this time the market is bustling with vibrant candles of different shapes, sizes and colours. For a stunning visual treat we recommend using a variety of candles in several corners of your home. Scented candles, candle vases, floating candles or any form of DIY candles make beautiful decorations for any festive evening..